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AstroBruins FLL

Team #50809

Fostering creativity, teamwork, ingenuity, and design-thinking skills





Dream. Build. Inspire.

We are a rookie FLL Robotics Team from Sunnyvale, California. We are small but highly efficient team of five members, who work like five fingers on a hand coordinating and contributing to the best of our abilities to create amazing results in a fun way. Within our team, there are established sub-groups that specialize in different tasks that maximize our collective efficiency and productivity. All members are part of multiple subgroups which fosters an environment where everyone is able to grow and glow. 



This is how our team is organized.


This team develops code, runs controlled trials with the robot to ensure it is functioning at maximum efficiency, monitors and records trial results with the intent to enhance the robots overall efficiency, keeps a detailed understanding of the game’s point system, keeps track of competition rules, and leads bug fixing efforts.


This team documents all team meetings, logs the work of each sub team into our journal, manages the overall organization of our engineering journal, and maintains a detailed record of all important team decisions. This team maintains a technical and non-technical journal to ensure that all aspects of the team are well-documented.


This team focuses on the Innovation Project. They identify the problem, investigate/research various possible solutions, design an innovative solution, and then ultimately build and test it.

Build & Design

This team leads robot building sessions, devises gaming strategies, creates new robot mechanisms, prototypes the robot and its functions, and parts, and communicates continuously with Programming team in order to have the robot function in coalescence with the developed code.



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